Introduction to Mechi-Kali Global Campaign

Nepal spreads in 77 districts from the River Mechi in the east to the River Mahakali in the west. This campaign is named as Mechi-Kali Global Campaign because it aims to involve Nepalese citizens from Mechi to Mahakali as well as the citizens from 25 different nations to mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the campus. The first of its kind, this campaign is going to be novel, historic and experimental. The Campaign will provide opportunities for talented, diligent but economically deprived Nepali students across the nation to study technical and vocational subjects, as well as for the students from home and abroad to study Bachelor in Travel, Tourism and Mountaineering Studies (BTTMS) and Master in Travel, Tourism and Mountaineering Studies (MTTMS). The campaign will run for five years from 2019 to 2024.


** Mechi Kali Globle Campaign Introductory Booklet 2024


मेची–काली विश्व अभियान परिचय

नेपाल पूर्वमा मेची नदी र पश्चिममा महाकाली नदीको अङ्गालोभित्र ७७ जिल्लामा फैलिएर रहेको छ । यस अभियानमा मेचीदेखि महाकालीसम्मका ७७ वटा जिल्लाका नागरिकहरूलाई सहभागी गराइने भएकोले मेची–काली र क्याम्पस २५ वर्ष पुगेको उपलक्ष्यमा विश्वका विभिन्न २५ राष्ट्रका नागरिकहरूलाई पनि सहभागी गराइने हुँदा यस अभियानको नाम मेची–काली विश्व अभियान राखिएको हो । यो अभियान विश्वमा नै पहिलो, नौलो, ऐतिहासिक र प्रयोगमूलक हुनेछ । यो अभियानले मेधावी तर आर्थिक रूपले कमजोर नेपालभरिका विद्यार्थीहरूलाई प्राविधिक तथा व्यवसायिक उच्च शिक्षा र विशेष गरी विदेशी र स्वदेशी विद्यार्थीहरूलाई स्नातक Bachelor of Travel, Tourism and Mountaineering Studies  (BTTMS) र स्नातकोत्तर Masters of Travel, Tourism and Mountaineering Studies  (MTTMS) का विषयहरू अध्ययन गर्ने अवसर प्रदान गर्ने छ । यो अभियान वि.सं. २०७५ देखि वि.सं. २०८० सम्म ५ वर्ष सञ्चालन गरिनेछ ।

**Mechi Kali Globle Campaign Introductory Booklet 2080

Message From Principal

Dear, teaching and non-teaching staff, parents, campus management committee members, students, community members and all the stakeholders. Solukhumbu Multiple Campus has long span of history since 2050 B.S. in the field of higher education. It has been serving as a donor of quality education especially for the students of Solukhumbu, Okhaldhunga and Khotang districts under various disciplines. It has three faculties (Education, Humanities and Management) in +2 and Bachelors and education faculty at master’s levels. Besides Law and Computer science are new subjects to the students of +2 level.

Similarly, campus has well educated, visionary and deserving management committee working in various field like tourism, politics, education and business who are playing pivotal role for overall development of campus. Further, I assure that, Campus has long experienced, dedicated motivated and qualified teaching faculties who are investing their efforts, knowledge, skills, new innovative ideas and expertise to excel/ enhance the horizon of knowledge that can be the milestone to produce skillful human resources needed to the country. Campus has very strong bonding among teachers, administrative staffs, students, campus management committee and communities which is the strength of campus for further progress. Faculty members has been creating and developing innovative skills collaboratively.

This is the era of information and communication technology. So, we are trying to adopt new means of technology in education.

Uddab Kumar Sharma

Campus Chief

Mob no : 9851010556

Solukhumbu Multiple Campus

Solukhumbu Multiple Campus is situated in the lap of Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world. This campus was established in 1993 A.D. with the financial support of Himalayan Trust jointly established by the first summiteer of Mt. Everest Sir Edmund Hillary, Mr. Angrita Sherpa (the S.L.C board first of 1970A.D.), and other noble person of the society with the aim of providing quality higher education at a low cost for poor students (those who cannot afford education in the city) from Solukhumbu and nearby districts. This Campus is named by the name of own district which is situated at the headquarter of Solukhumbu district. This Campus has been playing leading role among the academic institutions of this district. Similarly, this campus has been contributing in producing qualitative educational manpower, transforming knowledge and awareness as well as framing the culture for the all-round development of the nation. At present this campus has been serving the students of Solukhumbu, Okhaldhunga, and Khotang districts.


At the beginning, this campus had started Higher Secondary education (11&12) in 1993 A.D with the affiliation to Higher Secondary Education Board of Nepal. Tribhuvan University, (established in 2016 B.S.)  The oldest university of Nepal adopted the policy of granting affiliation to the campuses both in rural and urban areas. As a positive result of this policy, Campus level classes have been running in this Campus since 1996 A.D. This campus got Bachelor level affiliation from Tribhuvan University in different time frames:  B.Ed. in 1996 A.D, One Year B.Ed in 2000 A.D, B.A in 2009 A.D. and B.B.S in 2013 A.D. Similarly, this Campus has launched Master’s level program from the same university in 2005 A.D in different disciplines (Nepali, Health and Educational Planning and Management). Further, this campus received affiliation for Master’s in English education program from Tribhuvan University in 2017 A.D.


Solukhumbu Multiple Campus is a non- profit making public based institution which is managed and governed by public participation. This Campus has Campus Management Committee as a legislative body and it comprises its members from different walk of life for instance, social workers, political figures, administrators, businessman, professionals, representative of various communities and other organization. This campus has the statute (Bidhan) approved by the CMC. All the internal bodies of the campus are formed in accordance with the provision made by the CMC and the IQAC of the campus. The campus has designed the comprehensive guidelines for the different committees of this campus, which specifies the defined job responsibilities of different internal bodies. All academic, administrative and financial activities of the campus are governed and regulated by the campus statute ( Bidhan).